Side by Side wine

Limited Edition
California Wines

honoring the partnership between the armed forces of the United States and the United Kingdom

California Red Wine
“Bravery Blend”




ide by Side tasting kick-off

Side by Side was introduced to the East Coast in may, 2012 at a wine tasting at WineStyles of Montclair, Virginia read more...

Help our military heroes
and their families

A portion of the profits goes to

Azalea Charities

Our thanks for their
support of this effort

WineStyles of Montclair, VA

Anthony's Restaurant, Manassas, VA

Giorgio's Family Restaurant, Montclair, VA

Spartan Family Restaurant, Burke, VA

Olympian Family Restaurant, Alexandria, VA

Saratoga Pizzaria, Springfield, VA


Side by Side

The label features an original Expressionist painting by artist Dean Baer, and commissioned by Azalea Charities, that captures the spirit of comradeship enjoyed by the Allied Forces who fight together for the cause of freedom. Read more...

“Beyond the strategic relationship, so many of us from both nations have fought literally side by side, that this modern relationship between the US and UK military means a great deal to us.  It has a depth and an emotion to it that is profound... “ 

British Major General Phil Jones
at the unveling of Side by Side on October 9, 2008
The British Embassy, Washington DC

Press Releases

5.15.12 / WineStyles hosts Azalea Charities East Coast Introduction of Side by Side Wine to support Aid for Wounded Warriors

4.15.11 Aid for Wounded Warriors partners with Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market to launch Side by Side limited edition California wines