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Side by Side, from Coastal Wine Brands, part of the Delicato Vineyard family, is available in a red “Bravery Blend” and a Chardonnay. 

The East Coast “soft launch” of Side by Side is designed to coincide with Memorial Day with limited distribution through WineStyles and Mateo's of Montclair, VA, Wegmans and other outlets.A soft launch of Side by Side took place last fall on the west coast through the Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets, where it will be available in 2012.  National distribution is planned for 2013.

A portion of the profits from the sale of Side by Side will go to support Azalea Charities’ Aid for Wounded Warriors. Through Aid for Wounded Warriors, Azalea Charities provides help for our service people as well as the families who stand behind them. Support is adapted to the need – ranging from mortgage and rent payments, utility payments, gas cards and Wal-Mart cards to special needs such as the training of service dogs and provision of services to caregiving families.  Azalea provides day-to-day support for these heroes in ways that address their lifetime needs.

The Side by Side image was commissioned by Azalea Charities and painted by artist Dean Baer, a nationally known Expressionist/Abstract painter and Air Force veteran.  The concept is a representation of an American and British soldier ready to face action together and symbolizes the continued military partnership between the two countries.  Side by Side is a powerful image that strikes an emotional chord in those who appreciate the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women. Side by Side was unveiled in October 2008 at the British Embassy in Washington DC.

Major General Phil Jones (former Military Attaché, British Embassy, Washington DC), commented, “Beyond the strategic relationship, so many of us from both nations have fought literally side by side, that this modern relationship between the US and UK military means a great deal to us. It has a depth and an emotion to it that is profound...”

According to Lasch, “Side by Side wines offer a great opportunity for people to support our wounded heroes both in the US and worldwide.  These wines reflect the unique talents of many dedicated people who have created a product that can be a part of our everyday lives and remind us of the continuing sacrifices made by our servicemen and women and their families.”

We'd like to thank all those who have so generously given their support to this effort.